18 September 2016

Viewing is essential


ENTRANCE HALL (3.6m x 1.3m) where they squeezed in their furniture on Moving In Day, as dad helped them unload all the bags and boxes from the van outside.

CARPET FLOORING, which got ruined by the peppered footprints of his hiking boots, and helped them agree a ‘no shoes inside’ rule.

LARGE STORAGE CUPBOARD, where they kept their old photographs and study folders that she’d secretly get out and go through to remind her of more exciting times.

DOUBLE BEDROOM (4.3m x 2.6m) where she’d brought him a pot of tea and a plate of toast, fried eggs and bacon, the afternoon after his birthday party.

DOUBLE-GLAZED WINDOWS they’d argue about opening or shutting, especially in May and October.

BUILT-IN WARDROBE she stared at, wondering which summer dresses to pack for that holiday by the sea she’d told him was a weekend at her parents’.

EN-SUITE BATHROOM (2.2m x 2.9m) where she found herself belting out Bohemian Rhapsody the morning after he moved out.

SINK AND MIRROR he looked in nervously as she tried to shave his stubble for the first and last time in something that could have been one of those Gillette moments.

ELECTRIC SHOWER OVER BATH, where he scattered tea lights and rose petals on the Valentine’s Day she hadn’t made it back from the office.

TILED FLOORING that felt cold on her left cheek when she woke up hungover and confused one morning, briefly forgetting he’d left weeks before.

EXTRACTOR FAN that came on with the light switch, and woke him up every time he slept in that bed.

HEATED TOWEL RAIL they hung their underwear on when they knew they’d have no one visiting for a while.

KITCHEN DINER (6.8m x 4.9m) where he held her tight and spun her around when she opened the letter saying she’d got the trainee solicitor job.

FRIDGE FREEZER that wouldn’t close because of all the booze, meat and dips they’d bought for their housewarming party.

WASHER/DRYER she filled with extra detergent to get the smell of sick out her jacket.

ELECTRIC OVEN WITH GAS HOBS he spent an hour scrubbing clean after the food fight with squirty cream and porridge oats.

BALCONY WINDOWS she gazed out of while watching the raindrops race each other down the streaky glass, answering “nothing” whenever he asked “what’s up?”

SEATING AREA where he’d read all the text messages from her colleague.


ELECTRIC HEATING that came on during the night, and made his month sleeping by the radiator on the living room floor more bearable.

ON-STREET PERMIT PARKING where he sat behind the wheel of his car and took a few deep breaths before driving away.

CYCLE STORE, where she’d go to call her friend from work.

GROUND FLOOR ENTRANCE where they sometimes left each other ‘I love you’ and ‘From Your Secret Admirer’ type notes in their post box.

COMMUNAL LIFT where they used to kiss as it took them up or down.

EASY ACCESS TO LOCAL AMENITIES, like the convenience store he bought her those Happy Anniversary flowers two years running.

CLOSE TO CITY CENTRE AMUSEMENTS, where they first met and could only see the sun.

Viewing is essential.


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